We've made some enhancements to our billing systems to (hopefully) making the management of invoices on your account easier. If you have any questions about these changes and/or are wondering how it impacts your account, please don't hesitate to let us know!

The Original Billing Option

We launched Fistbump Media using a PayPal-only approach. It was a simple implementation, and it allowed us to set up automatic recurring payment arrangements for our hosting clients. With PayPal, you can pay by debit/credit card, or any other payment sources set up in your PayPal account. However, all of the account management for things like changing/updating debit/credit card information and changing the automatic recurring payment transactions were managed in PayPal (not in our system). That means that some services that aren't part of monthly recurring hosting payments (sent to us from PayPal) were not allowed to be billing by us, requiring you to manually make payments on some services (and that got a little confusing for what needed to be paid and what didn't).

PayPal will continue to be a payment option for anyone who would like to use it. And any automatic recurring payments managed through PayPal for your account will remain in place unless you decide to change that. Basically, we're not forcing any changes on your account and how it's billed, and that option will continue to be available for you if you prefer it.

New Billing Options (And How To Use It)

One of the downsides to PayPal handling all of the payment transaction information was that we couldn't just "bill my card" for other charges. That required PayPal authorization in your account, which we just didn't have access to.

With this upgrade (powered by Stripe), we're able to manage billing information directly. So you can pay online with a debit/credit card, and store that information in your account (if you'd like). This would make automatic recurring transactions easier, and you can just tell us to "bill my card" if you have other invoices that need to be paid.

To use this new method, simply choose the Debit/Credit Card option on the invoice. And note that PayPal is still an option there if you prefer to use that.

Once you pay by Debit/Credit Card, you'll have the option to keep your card information on file in your account. This information is encrypted and can be managed by you anytime you need to make changes or add/remove cards. Also, for security purposes, the Fistbump Media team can only see the last-four of the card number (to help with identification purposes). 

You can manage your card information in your account by going to Billing > Payment Methods (as shown below)...

Pay By Check?

While we generally do prefer online payments, we accept check payments as well. Just make the check out to Fistbump Media, LLC, and mail it to the address on the invoice. 

Billing Support

If you have any questions or need help with any billing matters on your account, you can either open a (billing) support ticket or simply reply to any invoice email (which will open a billing support ticket on your account). We'll respond as quickly as we can and help you get any issues sorted out.


Friday, July 31, 2020

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